Based on the various societal shifts we face, we’ve identified a series of lenses through which we address the various challenges we explore.

These lenses fuel our approach and create a common framework for ourselves, our collaborators and partners who aspire to a shared vision for the future.


Understanding that built environment is deeply rooted in questions of culture and identity.

Exploring the convergence of values, media and experience within the built environment.

Grasping how global shifts and perspectives can be applied at a local level.



Understanding the rapid densification of our world, and the scarcity of our resources.

Finding new and better ways to live together within the constraints of our finite planetary resources.


Shifting from our economic and political systems’ linear approach to a circular and sustainable one.

Questioning production/consumption and governance systems to foster sustainable practices that serve for well-being.




Understanding that we live in a hyperconnected world, with constant technological breakthroughs.

Leveraging new technologies to rethink the creation and ownership of built environments.


Investigating historical patterns in urban landscapes and the embedded inequity built into the fabric.

Exploring adaptive reuse, leftover spaces, and recalibrating urban identities for new communities and futures.